Thursday, February 24, 2005

Iraqi Bloggers

I've been thinking of the Iraqi bloggers these last couple of days. There are quite a few now. They don't post as much as they would like because of the electricity problem and the ones I visit the most are very busy at school.

The first blog I ever visited was Where is Raid but Salam hasn't been there for a long time. So then I went to Healing Iraq and Iraq Burning.

Last summer Healing Iraq pointed me in the direction of Raghda she is 13 years old she lives in Baghdad and she likes to put cute pictures of cats in her blogs. She has a very neat sense of humor. If I do this right you should be able to visit
Ragda Here...

She has a cousin who also lives in Baghdad and she is also 13 years old. Her name is Dalia. Her Blog is called Colored Bubbles I really like the way she designed her blog. She likes to Show pictures of Iraq and tell you some of the history of Iraq. You can find Dalia Here...

They have two cousins in Mosul who are sisters Hnk and Najma. Hnk is her nickname maybe someday she will explain. she is 15 she is very sweet and funny. She writes about all kinds of stuff like where she travels in Iraq and her family. Right now she is worried about her school It is in very bad condition you cansee her pictures Here...

Her Sister Najma is 16 she likes to post pictures of her niece Aya who is a very beautiful baby. She also writes about her school. She writes so well She seems older than she is. I think she would make a wonderful teacher. You can visit Najma Here... Well it's getting late I should be turning in now. Later... For some reason I just can't get Hnks' link to work but you can get there from Najma's Blog.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Gardening 101

When I was little I helped my grandma with her garden. So I figured I knew everything I needed to know.

When I finally got my own yard first thing I planted was 3 tomato plants. Just dug out some holes and plopped them in. I watered them 2 or 3 times a week pulled weeds whenever they got bad. I got one tomato that year.

The next year I planted some morning glory seeds along the fence and next to a sign. They were beautiful. So my Uncle brought me over a lilac bush we dug a hole plopped it in I watered it every now and then. It died.

That same year I decided to make a flower bed. My brother and I bought some landscape timber and made a nice size bed. And then I started digging and digging and digging. I knew you had to dig up the dirt and whack it with a hoe till it was all soft and crumbly. What I didn't know was that I didn't have good dirt. I had clay and rocks. I never did get it all soft and crumbly and only half of the seeds I planted actually grew. It was quite discouraging.

Then my Uncle must have felt sorry for my pitiful attempts, Because he enrolled me into a Master Gardeners class thru an ISU extension office in Des Moines. And I really haven't been the same since. In case I never said it before Thanks Rand.

That winter I learned so many things it was wonderful. The first thing you learn about is dirt. I needed to add things to my dirt. So I added sand for drainage Peat moss to hold water and topsoil because obviously it had none. And so I had dirt, I planted petunias,impatiens, morning glories, violas, and four o'clocks. They all grew except the four o'clocks.(I still can't grow four o'clocks)

Then I planted another bed with a mixture of wild flower seeds. They all grew and ever since then I've been a planting fool. Some things still die but most things grow when I plant them now and if they die I just try again in a different spot. To this day my favorite flower is a morning glory (the big blue ones).

If you think you can't get anything to grow just plant some morning glory seeds along a fence or by a pole and they will grow. And if you liked that and want to grow more things take a Master Gardener class they have them everywhere and it doesn't cost much for what you can get out of it.

Changing the subject I would like to take this time to congratulate My first boy friend Jim on his marriage to Jennifer last week on valentines day how romantic (sigh). Goodbye for now.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Nice Sunny Day

Good morning. Today looks like it's going to be beautiful. A little tease of spring before the real thing.

I've been looking at the flower catalogs I never order I just get ideas. I usually start my plants from seed. I'm what you would call an ADD gardener. I have the attention span of a hummingbird. So I find it cheaper to start things from seed because I always have casualties due to lack of time and poor planning.

My garden has been very neglected for the last couple of years with Jeff being away with the Army and taking care of baby Austin. Not to mention planning a wedding and putting on a new roof. I will probably be picking nails out of my flower beds forever. We are going to use a metal detector this spring in our yard and our neighbors (my teenage boys got a little overzealous tearing off the garage roof shot nails all over his back yard.) I love teenagers they are so helpful.

I'm getting ready to start some seeds this weekend. Mostly herbs and annuals. I will try a few perennials I would like to try to grow some Lupine and Monkshood.

I have a large area in the very back of my yard that I have been fighting for 5 years. I want it to be a secret garden but so far its a weed garden. So this year I am starting all over tilling the whole thing up laying out my paths building a wall (We have many levels in our yard.) And moving my hardy perennials back there since it's a long way to water. I'm sure it will take at least 5 years to get it the way I want it.

Yesterday I noticed my daffodils peeking out so it won't be long now.

Austin is with his grandma this weekend so I probably should go get things done while I can. He's walking now and insisting on going where he shouldn't so I have to do some rearranging.

I can't wait to introduce him to the yard. Last fall I sat him in a flower bed and he just dug his little hands into the dirt over and over and he didn't try to put it in his mouth. I'm sure he will get a taste of dirt this year.

He's such a neat baby he loves to cuddle and he grabs your face and gives you big open mouth slobbery kisses. He has just started making the kissing noises lately so it's probably time for his cute kisses to evolve into normal less wet ones. Oh well I shall miss them.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hello World

Hello and Welcome! Funny thing is I certainly didn't wake up this morning thinking I would be starting a blog.

I just wanted to post a comment for hnk ( a brave young girl from Iraq). I like to read the Iraqi blogs because my husband was in Iraq and I was desperate for real news.

Now that he is home I just want to visit and keep up with how they are getting along. I also visit soldiers blogs and gardening blogs.

I am a mother of four boys. I live in Iowa. I'm a city girl with a country heart. I like to watch Surviver and The Amazing Race. I love to read, garden, play with babies, spend time with my family, all kinds of music, and belly dance. I am a virgo.

We are temporarily taking care of a beautiful baby boy whose mama is unable to take care of him right now. His name is Austin he is 11 months old. I have been his other mother ever since he was born.

He is one of the sweetest babies I've ever taken care of and I'm really going to miss him when he moves out. Someday I will put a picture of him on here so everyone can see.

This summer I am going to become a grandma for the first time. I am very excited.

As soon as spring arrives I'll be growing things. One thing about gardening you never run out of things to do.

Well I think this is it for my first post I'll be back again soon goodbye.