Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hello World

Hello and Welcome! Funny thing is I certainly didn't wake up this morning thinking I would be starting a blog.

I just wanted to post a comment for hnk ( a brave young girl from Iraq). I like to read the Iraqi blogs because my husband was in Iraq and I was desperate for real news.

Now that he is home I just want to visit and keep up with how they are getting along. I also visit soldiers blogs and gardening blogs.

I am a mother of four boys. I live in Iowa. I'm a city girl with a country heart. I like to watch Surviver and The Amazing Race. I love to read, garden, play with babies, spend time with my family, all kinds of music, and belly dance. I am a virgo.

We are temporarily taking care of a beautiful baby boy whose mama is unable to take care of him right now. His name is Austin he is 11 months old. I have been his other mother ever since he was born.

He is one of the sweetest babies I've ever taken care of and I'm really going to miss him when he moves out. Someday I will put a picture of him on here so everyone can see.

This summer I am going to become a grandma for the first time. I am very excited.

As soon as spring arrives I'll be growing things. One thing about gardening you never run out of things to do.

Well I think this is it for my first post I'll be back again soon goodbye.

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