Thursday, February 24, 2005

Iraqi Bloggers

I've been thinking of the Iraqi bloggers these last couple of days. There are quite a few now. They don't post as much as they would like because of the electricity problem and the ones I visit the most are very busy at school.

The first blog I ever visited was Where is Raid but Salam hasn't been there for a long time. So then I went to Healing Iraq and Iraq Burning.

Last summer Healing Iraq pointed me in the direction of Raghda she is 13 years old she lives in Baghdad and she likes to put cute pictures of cats in her blogs. She has a very neat sense of humor. If I do this right you should be able to visit
Ragda Here...

She has a cousin who also lives in Baghdad and she is also 13 years old. Her name is Dalia. Her Blog is called Colored Bubbles I really like the way she designed her blog. She likes to Show pictures of Iraq and tell you some of the history of Iraq. You can find Dalia Here...

They have two cousins in Mosul who are sisters Hnk and Najma. Hnk is her nickname maybe someday she will explain. she is 15 she is very sweet and funny. She writes about all kinds of stuff like where she travels in Iraq and her family. Right now she is worried about her school It is in very bad condition you cansee her pictures Here...

Her Sister Najma is 16 she likes to post pictures of her niece Aya who is a very beautiful baby. She also writes about her school. She writes so well She seems older than she is. I think she would make a wonderful teacher. You can visit Najma Here... Well it's getting late I should be turning in now. Later... For some reason I just can't get Hnks' link to work but you can get there from Najma's Blog.

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