Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Easter:)

Today we had our Easter Egg Hunt. The house is still in one piece and everyone had a good time. Austin played outside for 3 hours. He was the youngest so he got to go first to look for the eggs. He kept calling his eggs balls. Nobody found the egg with the gold coin so they had to go out again. Carly found it, she also found the most eggs so she got the chocolate bunny.

The yard was looking real nice today. Some Tulips are growing by the garage that I didn't think would make it. And only one of the Strawberry plants survived. No flowers yet but the Daffodils are almost ready if it gets warm again.

Vinca Vine is invading my beds. Something I inherited when I moved in (Thanks dad). That and the Yucca. I almost had that gone but it's back again! They think they are safe coming out of the rock walls. But I will win the Yucca/Vinca war!

I have started 210 baby plants and some of them are already sprouting. Why so many? Some will die, some will never sprout and some will go to other people. I'm also going to attempt to make a circle herb garden. With lavender and my blue birdbath inside a smaller circle in the middle.

This week I am going to Texas to visit my mother for her birthday. I've never been to Texas before but I heard it's pretty in the spring time. I think I better take my allergy pills with me. I better go and pack for my trip I'll be back Friday...

Friday, March 11, 2005

Mil Blogs

I've been hopping around all week reading lots of blogs.

Today it was mil blogs. I have a few favorites already. But an article in the Army Times prompted me to check out some I hadn't found yet.

Twice now I've come across articles about a blog I visit called MY WAR .

I found Black Five last year when it was named the best military blog in the 2004 Blog Awards.

I've briefly visited Sgt. Lizzie at Life in this Girls Army and Nick and Mikie at the The Questing Cat . And now I have a few more to check out.

My problem with mil blogs is that by the time I find them they are getting ready to come home.

I'd like to find more military wives blogs. I can relate to them.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Brenda

Today is my friend Brenda's birthday. In a little while I'll be going up to her surprise party up at the pub. Today we all got to exercise early and got done before the time we usually start. She doesn't suspect a thing.

Sunday night Austin got to stay all night. We had lots of fun. He got to play with the new bathtub toys I got him. But the thing he plays with the most is the balloons (mylar) he got for his birthday.

Friday night we will be going to the Blue and Gold banquet for Boy Scouts. I am taking my easy chicken and noodles they really like them. I think that will be the first recipe I post in my new blog . Well I need to get ready for the party now gotta go.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Busy Time

What a week! Austin met his mom and his week has been pretty busy. He is staying over tonite. He has 12 teeth and he can stand up on his own now without needing a hand up.

My friends Jim and Jennifer had a baby boy March 1. His name is Tyler. I haven't seen him yet But I'm sure I will soon. Until then. Welcome sweet baby Tyler your daddy won't give you kisses for me so you will just have to wait till I get there.

Yesterday was my niece Amanda's Birthday. I don't get to see her very much since she grew up. She is 23 now and has a husband and a little girl. JD is 4 months younger than her. All my boys have a special place in their heart for their only girl cousin.

HB is back from going out of town for Army stuff. We were going to go to a movie Sat night But ended up renting some movies and getting take out Chinese instead.

I went out and checked out the yard today. I don't have much cleaning to do. And I actually have lots of flowers popping up everywhere. My surprise lilies are already 1/3 of the way up. The daffodils might know something the lilies don't because they are barely peeping out. The bed I started last fall seems to have survived the winter. And I think I might have a four o'clock that survived up in the weed garden. It didn't do much last year so I was surprised.

If it's nice tomorrow me and Austin are going to play outside. I tore the plastic off the sliding door today. The cat is very happy about it.

I also gave my houseplants a shower. I need to re-pot some of them which means I have to go buy dirt. HB doesn't ever understand why somebody needs to buy dirt when you can just dig it out of the yard. Maybe I should enroll him in a Master Gardener class.

Well gotta go my ass is getting numb from sitting in this chair See Ya...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Birthday Boy

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Today you are one. Happy Birthday beautiful boy. It's hard to believe I just met you a year ago. Your mama was sure your eyes and your hair would turn brown. But I knew you would be a blonde haired blue-eyed boy.

What I didn't know was how sweet and precious you would turn out to be. You have been such a sweet angel I hope you always stay that way. Don't get me wrong you had your occasional crabby day , but you were usually sick or teething so that's understandable. ( I have crabby days too.)

Today your mama comes home to get you. Everyone thinks I will be sad but I won't because all little boys need their mothers more than anybody in the whole wide world. And it's not like I'm going anywhere I'll still be around so you can give me kisses and huggies. I will always be around for you just like I am for Derek. We are going to make your transition as easy as we can because we all love you very much.

I can't wait till it gets nice so we can go do all kinds of fun things. We can go for walks around Grays Lake and go to the Zoo. And wait till you get a load of the swimming pools around here. Most of all I can't wait to introduce you to trees and flowers and bugs and dirt. Sound cool?

HB and the boys will miss you a lot. But you will see them every now and then. Maybe not at the same time but here and there. And you and your brother are probably coming for the Easter egg hunt. So you'll get to see everybody then.

Well baby I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and wish you good luck in the changes you are going thru. You are 1 year old, You can walk real well, You are a very smart boy. It won't be long now and you will say your first real word. I hope it is Bev. Love you night night sweet pea.