Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Birthday Boy

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Today you are one. Happy Birthday beautiful boy. It's hard to believe I just met you a year ago. Your mama was sure your eyes and your hair would turn brown. But I knew you would be a blonde haired blue-eyed boy.

What I didn't know was how sweet and precious you would turn out to be. You have been such a sweet angel I hope you always stay that way. Don't get me wrong you had your occasional crabby day , but you were usually sick or teething so that's understandable. ( I have crabby days too.)

Today your mama comes home to get you. Everyone thinks I will be sad but I won't because all little boys need their mothers more than anybody in the whole wide world. And it's not like I'm going anywhere I'll still be around so you can give me kisses and huggies. I will always be around for you just like I am for Derek. We are going to make your transition as easy as we can because we all love you very much.

I can't wait till it gets nice so we can go do all kinds of fun things. We can go for walks around Grays Lake and go to the Zoo. And wait till you get a load of the swimming pools around here. Most of all I can't wait to introduce you to trees and flowers and bugs and dirt. Sound cool?

HB and the boys will miss you a lot. But you will see them every now and then. Maybe not at the same time but here and there. And you and your brother are probably coming for the Easter egg hunt. So you'll get to see everybody then.

Well baby I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and wish you good luck in the changes you are going thru. You are 1 year old, You can walk real well, You are a very smart boy. It won't be long now and you will say your first real word. I hope it is Bev. Love you night night sweet pea.

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How Sweet!!!