Sunday, March 06, 2005

Busy Time

What a week! Austin met his mom and his week has been pretty busy. He is staying over tonite. He has 12 teeth and he can stand up on his own now without needing a hand up.

My friends Jim and Jennifer had a baby boy March 1. His name is Tyler. I haven't seen him yet But I'm sure I will soon. Until then. Welcome sweet baby Tyler your daddy won't give you kisses for me so you will just have to wait till I get there.

Yesterday was my niece Amanda's Birthday. I don't get to see her very much since she grew up. She is 23 now and has a husband and a little girl. JD is 4 months younger than her. All my boys have a special place in their heart for their only girl cousin.

HB is back from going out of town for Army stuff. We were going to go to a movie Sat night But ended up renting some movies and getting take out Chinese instead.

I went out and checked out the yard today. I don't have much cleaning to do. And I actually have lots of flowers popping up everywhere. My surprise lilies are already 1/3 of the way up. The daffodils might know something the lilies don't because they are barely peeping out. The bed I started last fall seems to have survived the winter. And I think I might have a four o'clock that survived up in the weed garden. It didn't do much last year so I was surprised.

If it's nice tomorrow me and Austin are going to play outside. I tore the plastic off the sliding door today. The cat is very happy about it.

I also gave my houseplants a shower. I need to re-pot some of them which means I have to go buy dirt. HB doesn't ever understand why somebody needs to buy dirt when you can just dig it out of the yard. Maybe I should enroll him in a Master Gardener class.

Well gotta go my ass is getting numb from sitting in this chair See Ya...

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