Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Easter:)

Today we had our Easter Egg Hunt. The house is still in one piece and everyone had a good time. Austin played outside for 3 hours. He was the youngest so he got to go first to look for the eggs. He kept calling his eggs balls. Nobody found the egg with the gold coin so they had to go out again. Carly found it, she also found the most eggs so she got the chocolate bunny.

The yard was looking real nice today. Some Tulips are growing by the garage that I didn't think would make it. And only one of the Strawberry plants survived. No flowers yet but the Daffodils are almost ready if it gets warm again.

Vinca Vine is invading my beds. Something I inherited when I moved in (Thanks dad). That and the Yucca. I almost had that gone but it's back again! They think they are safe coming out of the rock walls. But I will win the Yucca/Vinca war!

I have started 210 baby plants and some of them are already sprouting. Why so many? Some will die, some will never sprout and some will go to other people. I'm also going to attempt to make a circle herb garden. With lavender and my blue birdbath inside a smaller circle in the middle.

This week I am going to Texas to visit my mother for her birthday. I've never been to Texas before but I heard it's pretty in the spring time. I think I better take my allergy pills with me. I better go and pack for my trip I'll be back Friday...

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