Friday, March 11, 2005

Mil Blogs

I've been hopping around all week reading lots of blogs.

Today it was mil blogs. I have a few favorites already. But an article in the Army Times prompted me to check out some I hadn't found yet.

Twice now I've come across articles about a blog I visit called MY WAR .

I found Black Five last year when it was named the best military blog in the 2004 Blog Awards.

I've briefly visited Sgt. Lizzie at Life in this Girls Army and Nick and Mikie at the The Questing Cat . And now I have a few more to check out.

My problem with mil blogs is that by the time I find them they are getting ready to come home.

I'd like to find more military wives blogs. I can relate to them.


sCruuw said...

I got one.

Beverly said...

Thank You;)