Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sweet Pea:) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Happy Birthday JAC!

Today it is cloudy no wait it's sunny no it's cloudy again. My Hydrangea turned black Sunday. It must have gotten too cold. Nothing else was affected. I haven't been outside much mainly because Austin is still here and it's too cold out for him. Well at least it didn't snow . It did snow here.

Happy Birthday JAC! You were such a sweet beautiful baby boy 20 years ago. What Happened? Just kidding! Your still a boy, I mean man. Since you wouldn't appreciate beautiful I'll say Handsome. And you do have your sweet moments, like when your sleeping. Love You..

Since we are on the subject of sweet baby boys It looks like Austin is going to take up permanent residence at our home. His mama thinks he would be better off with us. Welcome home baby:)

Bella has been catching critters daily we don't have problems with rabbits, moles, or mice. Good Kitty! I think she must eat them because we never find remains. All we hear are the screams in the night. She can't catch a squirrel but it sure is funny when she tries.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


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Tulips originally came from Persia and the name tulip comes from the Persian word for turban, which the flower resembles. The tulip is a lucky charm- it insures that it's owner will never go bareheaded for want of a turban.
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Friday, April 22, 2005

April Showers

More Rain! Grandma hates it I love it! She sits and stares out the window and gets all gloomy. I go out and pull weeds, plant flowers, pick up things that need to go in and sometimes I just dance in the backyard. ( Don't worry mother it's usually dark out;)

Everyone has been going mushroom hunting this week. I found a mushroom website here.I just might go out this weekend if Austin goes home. Don found quite a few over in his neck of the woods. He has some nice pictures posted.

When Austin is here I don't get much done outside unless I can bribe one of the boys to watch him for me. I did manage to get that Hydrangea moved to a spot where it will be happy. It's right where grandma can see it out the window while she's chillin in the dining room. My White Lilacs are blooming real nice this is their second year of vigorous growth I hope they slow down a bit I have enough things to prune and trim at this moment.

Last night we went out to Ricellis to say goodbye to CPT Hubble and his wife Teresa. They are moving to Texas to be with a different unit. We had a real nice time I'm starting to get acquainted with the Army people but wouldn't you know it 1/3 of them will be leaving in the next year or so.

It's kind of funny before we were married I didn't go to many of the Army things. And now when people talk to us they get confused because they assume we just got together this last couple of years. Now the ones that do know me will be leaving darn it.

It doesn't help any that HB went to Iraq with a different unit and when he came back they were just getting there. At the picnic last summer one of the wives got snippy with me because she didn't realize that HB had just got back from there so she was upset that I had my husband home with me and she didn't.

I told HB when he got home from the war that if any of the Army wives looked like they needed a hug he should give them one. When he was gone I wanted to hug every Army man I saw but of course I didn't because they would have wondered who this crazy crying woman was that was hugging them.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Rainy Day!

It rained today. A nice every now and then kind of rain. The kind I like for pulling weeds. I have too many weeds. Arrrgh!!!

I went to Earl May and got me a Hydrangea it blooms on old and new wood so it will bloom all summer long. I won't be able to plant it where I wanted because it might get too big for that area. I'll just have to put another Azalea in that spot.

I also picked up a bright pink Lupine for the front yard. I had some coupons so I got both plants for less than the one at Holub.

Austin went back home last night so I have a few days to get things done before he comes back. JR is so cute with Austin I think he's practicing.

Brandon and Derek are staying over tonight They made a tent with a big sheet in JL 's room haven't heard from them for a while. We had strawberry and rootbeer floats tonight yummmm!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Help Me I'm Mulching!

It's a very nice day today. We are getting out the lawn mower and mowing and weeding and spreading and mulching. Yeah!!! The flowers are getting put out at Holub I saw some things I'd like to have someday. A Weeping Pussy Willow and a Star Magnolia. I am going to get a Hydrangea to replace the Hibiscus that replaced my beautiful bright pink Azalea that died for reasons unknown. I'm dying to go out and plant seeds but I need to wait another week or two. So I'll just keep busy weeding and mulching.

Austin is here this morning his kisses have evolved again. He used to grab my head and lay one on me. Then he started concentrating on technique. Now he kisses everyone like a little bird with his mouth open shut open shut open shut. The cutest thing he does is answer questions. He nods his head yes or no. And he is very adamant about his answers. He likes to be sprayed in the face with a spray bottle. So he should be real happy when he gets to play in the sprinkler this summer.

My baby turned 18 last week. It's a good thing I have other babies to take care of or I might be sad with that empty nest syndrome thing. Oh wait! I forgot they have to move out for me to miss them. Well I do miss JD anyway. He's probably getting skinny. He hasn't been here to eat for a long time.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Finally!!! Posted by Hello

Oh, spring came to my garden
And caught me unaware
Wearing just a few old leaves
And a dejected air

But when spring left my garden
It's work so deftly done,
Many many daffodils
Were dancing in the sun.

Velma D. Bates

Friday, April 01, 2005

What A Trip!

I'm home! :) I made it to Texas. It's real purty down there. The pollen count down there was way high. I'm still trying to recover from that. My mom seems to be real happy living there. We had a nice visit even though my head was full of snot.

The red bud is blooming as far up as Oklahoma. Which is where my mini-van decided to take a few days off. People in Oklahoma are very nice:) I made a new friend his name is Leon. If you are ever in Perry OK. And you need some help with your vehicle be sure to look up Leon at L&C Automotive. He really helped me when I needed it. He even drove me to another town so I could rent a car to keep on going to Texas. Thank You Leon:)

HB was in Kansas at Ft. Riley. I split the trip up in 2 days so I spent Monday And Thursday night in Kansas. We stayed at The Marriott. It was nice but I prefer Holiday Inn. I can use the computer at Holiday Inn. And they have Continental Breakfast. Big Daddy runs a Holiday Inn so I'm sucking up. Also I thought the bed was much too hard. But they had real soft blankets.

JR and JM stayed home and took care of the house and grandma. They went to the Dr. This week and found out they were having.... Drum roll please. A BOY!!!! ;) The house was nice and clean when I got home thanks to all my Jesse's.

I have Austin this weekend He is pretty sick today I've had to give him 2 breathing treatments and he is on Amoxicillin for the first time ever. Poor Sweet Pea I will make you better. It would be easier to make you well if people would stop smoking around you.

I heard a dumb joke that made me laugh on the radio in Kansas here it is.

What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?

A stick....