Friday, April 22, 2005

April Showers

More Rain! Grandma hates it I love it! She sits and stares out the window and gets all gloomy. I go out and pull weeds, plant flowers, pick up things that need to go in and sometimes I just dance in the backyard. ( Don't worry mother it's usually dark out;)

Everyone has been going mushroom hunting this week. I found a mushroom website here.I just might go out this weekend if Austin goes home. Don found quite a few over in his neck of the woods. He has some nice pictures posted.

When Austin is here I don't get much done outside unless I can bribe one of the boys to watch him for me. I did manage to get that Hydrangea moved to a spot where it will be happy. It's right where grandma can see it out the window while she's chillin in the dining room. My White Lilacs are blooming real nice this is their second year of vigorous growth I hope they slow down a bit I have enough things to prune and trim at this moment.

Last night we went out to Ricellis to say goodbye to CPT Hubble and his wife Teresa. They are moving to Texas to be with a different unit. We had a real nice time I'm starting to get acquainted with the Army people but wouldn't you know it 1/3 of them will be leaving in the next year or so.

It's kind of funny before we were married I didn't go to many of the Army things. And now when people talk to us they get confused because they assume we just got together this last couple of years. Now the ones that do know me will be leaving darn it.

It doesn't help any that HB went to Iraq with a different unit and when he came back they were just getting there. At the picnic last summer one of the wives got snippy with me because she didn't realize that HB had just got back from there so she was upset that I had my husband home with me and she didn't.

I told HB when he got home from the war that if any of the Army wives looked like they needed a hug he should give them one. When he was gone I wanted to hug every Army man I saw but of course I didn't because they would have wondered who this crazy crying woman was that was hugging them.

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