Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Happy Birthday JAC!

Today it is cloudy no wait it's sunny no it's cloudy again. My Hydrangea turned black Sunday. It must have gotten too cold. Nothing else was affected. I haven't been outside much mainly because Austin is still here and it's too cold out for him. Well at least it didn't snow . It did snow here.

Happy Birthday JAC! You were such a sweet beautiful baby boy 20 years ago. What Happened? Just kidding! Your still a boy, I mean man. Since you wouldn't appreciate beautiful I'll say Handsome. And you do have your sweet moments, like when your sleeping. Love You..

Since we are on the subject of sweet baby boys It looks like Austin is going to take up permanent residence at our home. His mama thinks he would be better off with us. Welcome home baby:)

Bella has been catching critters daily we don't have problems with rabbits, moles, or mice. Good Kitty! I think she must eat them because we never find remains. All we hear are the screams in the night. She can't catch a squirrel but it sure is funny when she tries.

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