Saturday, April 09, 2005

Help Me I'm Mulching!

It's a very nice day today. We are getting out the lawn mower and mowing and weeding and spreading and mulching. Yeah!!! The flowers are getting put out at Holub I saw some things I'd like to have someday. A Weeping Pussy Willow and a Star Magnolia. I am going to get a Hydrangea to replace the Hibiscus that replaced my beautiful bright pink Azalea that died for reasons unknown. I'm dying to go out and plant seeds but I need to wait another week or two. So I'll just keep busy weeding and mulching.

Austin is here this morning his kisses have evolved again. He used to grab my head and lay one on me. Then he started concentrating on technique. Now he kisses everyone like a little bird with his mouth open shut open shut open shut. The cutest thing he does is answer questions. He nods his head yes or no. And he is very adamant about his answers. He likes to be sprayed in the face with a spray bottle. So he should be real happy when he gets to play in the sprinkler this summer.

My baby turned 18 last week. It's a good thing I have other babies to take care of or I might be sad with that empty nest syndrome thing. Oh wait! I forgot they have to move out for me to miss them. Well I do miss JD anyway. He's probably getting skinny. He hasn't been here to eat for a long time.

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