Saturday, April 16, 2005

Rainy Day!

It rained today. A nice every now and then kind of rain. The kind I like for pulling weeds. I have too many weeds. Arrrgh!!!

I went to Earl May and got me a Hydrangea it blooms on old and new wood so it will bloom all summer long. I won't be able to plant it where I wanted because it might get too big for that area. I'll just have to put another Azalea in that spot.

I also picked up a bright pink Lupine for the front yard. I had some coupons so I got both plants for less than the one at Holub.

Austin went back home last night so I have a few days to get things done before he comes back. JR is so cute with Austin I think he's practicing.

Brandon and Derek are staying over tonight They made a tent with a big sheet in JL 's room haven't heard from them for a while. We had strawberry and rootbeer floats tonight yummmm!

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