Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Beautiful day today. Sunny and 48 outside.

Lots of things to do. Tidy the yard for a barbecue. Go visit a few loved ones at the cemetery. I always take Iris, Peonies, and Daisies. Go to a Ren Faire, and cook for this evening.

A boy from Lincoln HS got shot Saturday. He tried to drive for help crashed into a tree and died. It happened right up the street from where we live. At first we thought maybe he was driving along and got shot. But later found out he wasn't shot in his car. The police don't have any clues so far. I feel very sorry for his parents I never want to know how they feel.

I try not to write negative things down but JR knew him distantly and it's kind of bothering me. It makes me want to move away from this city. HB never wants to move again so something drastic would have to happen to get him to budge.

I think I will get ready for today and go outside in my backyard and forget about the sorrows for a minute. TTFN

Sunday, May 29, 2005

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!

Good morning:) We are having a nice quiet weekend. It's sunny and the birds are chirping come outside, come outside.

JL is gone with his mother, Austie is gone with his grandma, HB and JAC are working. JR has a hangover so he didn't go with HB, so now he can help me on some unpaid labor. Time to finish making the yard pretty for the year.

I have some things to plant as soon as I find spots for them. And I think it might be safe to put my houseplants outside.

My ex came over to talk to JR the other day and asked me if I wanted some Vinca Vine go figure. He just couldn't figure out why it was so funny. So I showed him. It's going to take me forever to get rid of it. Even if I use Round up some of it survives to plague me. Oh well at least I'm not fighting critters.

Today is my fathers birthday. He is 60 years young. Happy Birthday Dad;) I better go call him before I forget. Maybe we will have a barbecue if he's not to busy.

My mom was here for a few days she's down at Twin Lakes now and sometime next week she will be back in Texas. Then she will pack up and move back to MO by July. What an ordeal.

I'm gonna go out now and work. Maybe I'll take some pictures and maybe they will turn out. TTFN

Friday, May 20, 2005

What's a bog bumper?

Today it was gray. Austin and I went out for a while. I did some weeding as I followed him around. He likes to hide in the Lilac bushes and bark at the dogs out back.

I visited 2 new places today. North Country Maturing Gardener lives in New Hampshire and is a retired Master Gardener. If you have any gardening questions go there I know I will. The other one I visited is in the U.K. it's called bog bumper. Nice pictures that's the kind of digital camera I want.

I'm getting pretty tired so this won't be long. Have to get ready for the family picnic tomorrow. I'm taking Lemon Berry Trifle, green bean casserole, smoked turkey legs,and lemonade.

JAC is back home he's going to give roofing another go. He didn't make enough at the greenhouse. I would love to work in a greenhouse. Good night yawn....

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Get Mee at Hy-Vee Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

More Blogs

Cloudy and cold 52 degrees yuck!!
I have some time to do a little planting today. I need to plant some Chives and some Iris asap. I'm gonna hold off on the seedlings and tomato plants until it warms up. For Mothers Day HB got me some flowers called Get Mee I don't know what they are exactly I thought maybe some kind of Campanula I need to find a neat spot for them. And I have some annuals to be put in containers.

Austin is with his mother today so I'm gonna take advantage of the free time and clean! clean! Clean! Yesterday I cleaned grandma's room took me about 5 -6 hours. Not counting the argument when she came home. Who asked you to clean my room. Somebody has to do it grandma. Fine I'll just move into a nursing home if that's what you want. Ok grandma but they aren't going to dust off all your dolls and stuffed animals and bells and birds and aaarrrggghhh!!!!! Calgon take me away...

HB has his new patch Old Ironsides it's kind of cool. He doesn't have the new velcro uniform yet. Which is good in my opinion. I think the new uniforms are kind of generic looking. A man must have designed it. It looks kind of straight and blocky looking. Here's hoping it was just a bad picture or the model had a blocky body. And how good are those velcro patches gonna look after you take them off and put them back on a few times. I would think the corners would start to curl.

I have found some military wives blogs My favorite one is Rose at Great Googly Moogly she lives in Oklahoma. Then I found Danielle at Journal of a Military Wife She is going to have a baby. Bree is at Life of an Army Wife. She has a neat web page and she lives in Germany. Jennifer and Karen also live in Germany. I would like to go to Germany some day and travel along the Rhine River and see some castles. Well TTFN gotta go....

Friday, May 13, 2005

PEEK-A-BOO! I LOVE YOU! Posted by Hello
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Orange Azaelia Posted by Hello

What do May showers bring ?

Still rainy out too nasty for Austin to play outside.

My Orange azalea's are blooming this week. Of course the rain makes the flowers look like wet tissue paper. Oh well peonies and Daisies are next. The Iris are just about done and my pretty Yellow Rose bush is budding out nicely. The rhododendrons are putting on quite a show this year. I love perennials!

Tomorrow is Derek's birthday I've been trying to teach Austin how to say Happy birthday Derek. I feel it's pretty close anyway it has d's and b's and a couple of r sounds in it. I hope the weather clears up since his party is at the park. He is going to be 9 years old. Hard to believe...

Something strange has happened HB's name has been changed but his pay has stayed the same. Somehow he became a 1st Sgt. What kind of card do you send a 1st Sgt? A congrats or a sympathy? HB says sympathy. More work for same pay. Poor 1st Sgt Honey bunny:( I'm proud of you no matter how much money you make.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Its cloudy and still outside and 63 degrees. I hope it doesn't rain. Today I'm finally going to get the weed garden tilled. Then I'm going to smother it with mulch. After that I will do one section at a time until finally perhaps a hundred years from now it will be done.

After the garden is tilled we are going to Pella to see the Tulip Festival. Big daddy is moving so I want to take pictures of his children in the Parade. My mother is letting me use her camera so I will be back with some pictures later.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

May Flowers

May baskets, Maypoles, May flowers. Ahhh! I love May!

I'll be making baskets this morning. Trying to get as much done as possible before Austin gets home. I could sure use a fence.

The azalea is starting to spread it's buds out it won't be long now. Lots of things are getting ready for their show. Iris everywhere Columbine always surprising you here and there. The Lily of the Valley is looking good this year.

I have some new things growing out of my wall. Looks like Phlox, Coneflower,and a Lily. They can stay, anything that can thrive in the insidious Vinca patch deserves to stay.

JAC is living with his dad down south. JM has a car now so those 2 are always gone. It's getting kind of peaceful around here. Knock on wood.