Monday, May 16, 2005

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Cloudy and cold 52 degrees yuck!!
I have some time to do a little planting today. I need to plant some Chives and some Iris asap. I'm gonna hold off on the seedlings and tomato plants until it warms up. For Mothers Day HB got me some flowers called Get Mee I don't know what they are exactly I thought maybe some kind of Campanula I need to find a neat spot for them. And I have some annuals to be put in containers.

Austin is with his mother today so I'm gonna take advantage of the free time and clean! clean! Clean! Yesterday I cleaned grandma's room took me about 5 -6 hours. Not counting the argument when she came home. Who asked you to clean my room. Somebody has to do it grandma. Fine I'll just move into a nursing home if that's what you want. Ok grandma but they aren't going to dust off all your dolls and stuffed animals and bells and birds and aaarrrggghhh!!!!! Calgon take me away...

HB has his new patch Old Ironsides it's kind of cool. He doesn't have the new velcro uniform yet. Which is good in my opinion. I think the new uniforms are kind of generic looking. A man must have designed it. It looks kind of straight and blocky looking. Here's hoping it was just a bad picture or the model had a blocky body. And how good are those velcro patches gonna look after you take them off and put them back on a few times. I would think the corners would start to curl.

I have found some military wives blogs My favorite one is Rose at Great Googly Moogly she lives in Oklahoma. Then I found Danielle at Journal of a Military Wife She is going to have a baby. Bree is at Life of an Army Wife. She has a neat web page and she lives in Germany. Jennifer and Karen also live in Germany. I would like to go to Germany some day and travel along the Rhine River and see some castles. Well TTFN gotta go....

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