Friday, May 20, 2005

What's a bog bumper?

Today it was gray. Austin and I went out for a while. I did some weeding as I followed him around. He likes to hide in the Lilac bushes and bark at the dogs out back.

I visited 2 new places today. North Country Maturing Gardener lives in New Hampshire and is a retired Master Gardener. If you have any gardening questions go there I know I will. The other one I visited is in the U.K. it's called bog bumper. Nice pictures that's the kind of digital camera I want.

I'm getting pretty tired so this won't be long. Have to get ready for the family picnic tomorrow. I'm taking Lemon Berry Trifle, green bean casserole, smoked turkey legs,and lemonade.

JAC is back home he's going to give roofing another go. He didn't make enough at the greenhouse. I would love to work in a greenhouse. Good night yawn....

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