Sunday, June 26, 2005

Coffin Family Reunion

Hot! Humid! Help! It's been pretty unbearable all week Poor HB and JAC up there on that hot roof:(

I've only been able to go outside in bits and spurts. Just now I ran out there for a minute to save one if my Clematis from some bindweed. Then I ran right back in. I accidentaly dehydrated myself yesterday I was feeling all kinds of sick at the store.

I read that the Iraqi's not only don't have electicity in Baghdad but now their water is contaminated and they have no water to drink. I doubt if anyone that can help will care enough to do anything. Whenever it gets real hot I think of everyone in Iraq and count my blessings.

When HB was over there I never complained about the heat to him. And I learned not to talk about good food. And I sent him lot's of bottled water the first 4 months.

Today was the Coffin Family Reunion. It was real hot and Austin was real tired so we only stayed for a couple of hours. The Coffins were a whaling family that lived on Nantucket Island. I know all kinds of interesting things about that branch of my family. But we will save that for another day. Maybe next reunion.

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