Sunday, June 05, 2005

Just Another Day

It's raining. Haven't done much to the yard just a little tidying up here and there. I received an ad from Brecks They have some Iris that re-bloom all summer. I have to have some. Maybe I will give you some Mother dear. I get the pink one. And the blue one.

I need to start going out and looking at baby beds for JRs baby. They are registered at Target if anyone is wondering. We will be having a baby party after the baby is born. I already gave them some formula and baby clothes. If he's anything like his daddy they won't fit after 2 weeks. So if you get clothes I suggest 3 months and up.

We went to Aquabi to barbecue with Sue and Paul. As soon as we finished eating it started raining and then there was a Tornado Watch till 2 a.m. So we came home in the pouring rain. It wasn't too bad driving till we got almost to town when I had to slow down because I couldn't see the road.

Now it's a nice rain the kind you dance in. hmmmmm.
Well gotta go TTFN....

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