Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I inherited my yard from my father. I'll give you a list of what was already here. 8 huge Lilac bushes - 1 pink one, 4 one shade of lavender, 1 with double blooms in lavender, 2 darker lavender.

Lilies everywhere I'm not a huge lily fan they give me a sinus headache. I have Tiger lilies, Surprise Lilies, Stella d'oro Lily, another Daylily I don't know the name of. Other mystery Lilies. And I might as well add Lily of the Valley while I'm at it.

Let's not forget my enemies Vinca Vine and Yucca. And Creeping Charlie although I kind of like Creeping Charlie here and there as long as it stays out of the grass. It was once herb of the month in my favorite magazine.

2 Clematis- one dark purple and one a kind of pink-lavender color.2 Butterfly bushes both of them purple. 9 Peonies white and dark red. 1 Tea Rose- Forty-niner, 4 former Tea Rose that went wild. 1 Pink Climbing Rose. 1 little Mystery Rose that was here before my dad. It never gets big and only has a few blooms a year. And 1 beautiful Yellow Rose that grows like mad and spreads like crazy. Anybody want some?

Let's not forget the Daisies, Columbine, Tulips, Daffodils, Creeping Phlox, Phlox ( I thought they were weeds so I pulled them for a few years.), Yellow Sedum, Hens and Chicks,Purple Liatris, And Queens Anne Lace. A lot of people think of it as a weed, but grandma really likes it.

Finally the end of this list is near. Bushes- 1 Flowering Almond, 4 Azaleas -1 bright orange, 1 orange-red, 1 magenta and 1 pretty dark pink one that died 3 years ago. 3 Rhododedrens- 1 Pink, 1 white, 1 magenta. 1 Flowering Quince, 1 Mystery tree-bush, A hedge of Rose of Sharon- white, purple, purple and white. I cut down most of them. 2 Crab apple trees.

Last but not least a Mystery tree my dad says is some kind of oak tree but it doesn't have acorns and the leaves are shaped different almost like a maple. It's very beautiful in the Fall.

The Honeysuckle bushes belong to the neighbor but I have to trim them. And there were some Chinese Elm tree-bushes in the back But I finally eradicated them. Whew that was alot to remember and I'm sure I forgot something. But It will have to be good enough because I'm done...

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