Saturday, August 06, 2005

Farmers Market

Sunny and beautiful:)

The day has been perfect so far. First I found a couple ripe tomatoes in the garden( Heirloom Yellows). I noticed I have 2 nice sized cantaloupe and one is starting to get skin:) Critters have eaten all my watermelon blooms and nibbled on all the cukes when they are still tiny. But they aren't messing with the tomatoes or the summer sqaush. YET.

Then when I went to the farmers market downtown I found a great spot to park right away. And I parallel parked on the first try perfectly:D Try saying that 3 times real fast.

I walked around the market twice. Once to look and once to buy. There are a few places that I strongly suspect buy there produce at Villirillo. Hint- Look at the produce boxes under the table. The real farmers use crates.

I was looking for some good old fashioned yellow Iowa Sweet Corn . But all I could find was Peaches and Cream. I finally settled for white corn. Why couldn't I find yellow Iowa Sweet Corn in the middle of Iowa in August. Because everyone wants that damn peaches and cream that's why. I'll just grow some of my own next year. Never have tried corn before.

Tomatoes yummm. Took me a while to decide on that one. I finally picked some Early Girls from a cute little booth that sells a little of this and a little of that. Homemade lemonade with herbs yummm. Some fresh cut herbs and flowers even some soap. But I think it was the lady in the straw hat that decided it for me. That and she was one of only two booths that bothered displaying what kind of tomatoes they were.

Muskatine Melon from Muskatine IA. Double yummm. They are big and they are heavy so I got it last. I also picked up some honey from Tipton IA. And some homemade Rhubarb bread.

Things I saw: 1 magnificent rooster alive and crowing. 2 giant dogs a Great Dane (white) and a ? (Cujo/Hooch?). A group of drummers with metal drums that sounded tropical. 4 young men singing and playing some pretty good Bluegrass. A puppy in a puppy pouch. (Like a baby carrier.) A hazard sign over some dog poop someone had stepped in. Lots of babies. Ladies in Red hats and Purple shirts:) A very old man sitting in his scooter right in front of the Bluegrass Band jamming and having a good time;) I had a good time too...


OldRoses said...

The old ladies must be Red Hat Society members. I'm only a pink hat because I'm not 50 yet.

Beverly said...

Yesterday my friend and I were trying on a bunch of red hats I found one that suits me perfect. I only have nine years to go before I could wear one so maybe I'll edit the word old out. Since in my opinion 50 isn't old yet:)