Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Hardest Part Of These Posts Is Figuring Out A Title:)

I haven't been doing much gardening this last couple of weeks. But I have been taking pictures when I go out to check my sad little veggie garden.

I had 6 tomato plants; 1 got trampled by helpful boys and 1 just produced 3 tomatoes and died. The other four have tons of green tomatoes on them. My tomatoes are pitiful I've been eating tomatoes from my friend and my dad. This winter I'm just going to have to read up on growing tomatoes so I can do better next year. The cucumber plant? Well it seems the critters have decided I could have 1 cucumber this year.

My cantaloupe has about 8 fruits on it 2 are almost ripe:) The watermelon never did get any fruit but its growing real nice. I think the critters eat the flowers after I'm gone. The jalapeno peppers are real nice. Of course I can't eat them so why shouldn't they do well? I usually give them to JAC or use them to make salsa but I don't have any tomatoes to go with them.

This last spring I started 21 lavender plants. I took a picture of the 1 lavender plant I got out of the whole batch. It took forever for them to germinate. Three others sprouted but didn't survive. I have it in a big pot that has Rosemary in it so I'll be taking it inside this winter. If it survives I might just have to name it since I've nurtured it almost as much as I've nurtured all the breathing things around here.

Speaking of breathing things. I babysat Michael yesterday and I got a picture of him and Austin sleeping. Austin really loves the baby. He brings the baby toys and if we don't take them he will throw them at him. He went over to the baby and reached for him we all said be nice to the baby and he just looks at us and smiles. We hold our breath as his hand gets closer to the baby's face and then he touches his nose and says BEEP and walks away:) Whew! What a relief he likes to poke peoples eyes but Michael still has his. JR is like a nervous guard dog around his baby. It's so cute:)

I went to the farmers market this morning with my friend Brenda just a quick lap around getting the things we needed. I wanted some farm eggs but they were already sold out. So I got a chicken and some bacon. I also got a big watermelon called Sweet Baby and some little yellow cherry tomatoes. And Peaches and Cream corn. Maybe my dad will let me plant corn in his yard next year since mine isn't big enough. Please dad pretty please I'll share:)

Well I finally figured out the new blogger picture thing and it looks pretty nice . But I think I'll stick to Hello because this entry took about 5 times longer to post and I can't tweak the pictures like I can with Picasa. Maybe when I get DSL I'll try it again but with dial up it takes 5 minutes for each picture to download. It only takes 3-5 seconds on Hello.

And for all you bloggers out there. Thank You! For visiting me and leaving comments:) It makes me want to go out and leave comments for you as well. It makes me smile whenever I see that someone has been here. And when I read your blogs and you write down something that makes me chuckle it really makes my day:) Some of you are very funny. TTFN...

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OldRoses said...

I'm in awe! You actually got lavender to germinate and grow into a plant. Do you have any idea how impossible that is? I finally broke down and did what all the experts say to do: I bought a plant!