Monday, August 15, 2005

Lavender Lady and Munstead Lavender. Posted by Picasa


OldRoses said...

How big/old does lavender have to be before it blooms? I bought a Hidcote plant from a mail order nursery this year. It is growing nicely but no blooms.

Beverly said...

These Lavender plants were bought last spring. I put them in planters for centerpieces for my wedding. I planted them in the ground in october. I had a few buds on them last summer but they were small. I think they like the spot they are in. I have some others that are 5 years old and they don't look as nice.

crazygramma said...

My Hidcote lavender took 2 years before if bloomed nicely, however the Munstead was planted this year and went crazy.
Don't you just love the way it grows with no effort.