Monday, August 15, 2005

My Week (some of it anyway)

We are having wonderful weather this week.

Which is a good thing considering we need to replace our air conditioning unit. We have been without AC for 2 weeks now. Needless to say I haven't been doing anything in the garden.

We have had a pretty stressful week. My grandmother has been in the hospital. She was starting to get better and she fell and broke her hip. Now she is in ICU and they are going to put her in a hospice. Everyone has been up to see her and she is pretty alert considering the pain medication. I've seen her in worse shape than this so maybe she will fool all those doctors again. If not than I will miss her very much:(

The yard seems to be holding up on it's own. My weeds are down to 10% which is the best its been all summer:) Of course the weeds that are left are taller than me:0 And they are in an area that's just plain dangerous unless your an acrobat or a mountain climber. My butterfly bush is right in the middle of the mess. I'm going to have to move it next Spring.

Yesterday was our 1st year Wedding Anniversary:) I spent most of the day at the hospital and HB didn't get home till 4:30. But we made the best of a bad situation and went out for a nice dinner and we bought the digital camera:)We forgot to eat our cake so we will have it tonight.

Tomorrow we are going to the Iowa State Fair:) I'll be taking lots of pictures. Austin is going to have fun tomorrow so check out his blog on Wednesday. I wanted to go sooner but we went to Kansas this weekend for the Battle Focus Conference (Army thing). And now I have a new job in the FRG (more Army stuff). It was a nice time I met some nice people. I got to dress up for a fancy dinner:) And HB looked so nice in his dress uniform I'll put a picture up as soon as they send it. I was called home right after the dinner so I missed the rest of it. It was quite a ride home but I stayed awake and only went the wrong way once. Well Austin needs a nap so TTFN...

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