Thursday, September 29, 2005

Story of a Tree

Sunny and 39 degrees outside.

Last night I was watching the weather channel before I went to bed and they said it was going to get down to 38. So I had to go dig out my robe and slippers in the dark (I didn't want to disturb HB) go outside and drag all the house plants into the house. I didn't grab the big Ficus tree because #1 it was dark,#2 it was heavy and #3 I just don't know if I want to continue fighting the scale that has infested it for 4 years. Of course once I decided to maybe give up, it started looking better than it had in years. Stupid tree.

My HB bought me that tree for my birthday the first year we lived here:) 4 years ago it started dropping leaves and whole branches just shriveled up and died. 2 years ago I cut out 2/3 of the branches because they were so damaged. I don't know if it's bug pee or what, but it leaves a sticky residue on the leaves and surrounding areas. Last winter some of my other plants became infected but they were easier to control because they aren't as big.

So far I've used dish soap, rubbing alcohol, Sevin, Eight, and some horticultural oil Hulub recommended. today I sprayed it with the last of the Eight and after that has a chance to work I'm going to wash off every leaf and branch on that tree. Then I'm going to repot it. Finally I'll spray it again with the oil and cross my fingers.

If this doesn't work I'm going to have to give up and maybe someone will adopt it. It would be very hard for me to kill it on purpose.


OldRoses said...

Do you have a cat? I had a rubber tree for years until we got a cat. He thought the pot was the best litterbox in the house. I tried everything to discourage him but the only thing that worked was when the poor tree finally died and I got rid of it. Maybe you could convince a cat to kill your tree for you.

Beverly said...

At one time my cat was using it as a litter box. So I had to change the dirt and add some cactus plants and rocks. She doesn't do that anymore. Seashells work too and it looks alot better than covering the top of the pot with aluminum foil.