Saturday, September 10, 2005

What's New?

Sunny and hot!

A few weeks ago we discovered a watermelon in the garden. Not to be creepy or anything but I wouldn't be surprised if grandma didn't have something to do with it. So my watermelon plant is producing a fruit and I am satisfied with my sad little vegetable garden. Every thing I planted produced at least 1 thing.

The tomatoes are producing more than I can eat right now. My Beefsteak must be an hierloom yellow beefsteak or something. They are as big as beefsteak but they don't turn red. The Early Girl didn't come early but they sure taste good. And my favorite tomato that I planted this year is (drumroll please)German Johnson. (All my guys here at home are German so we had fun with the jokes this summer.) It is so juicy and yummy I will plant it again next year.

Most of my yard is looking kind of dead with a flower here or there. I've been trimming hedges and fighting a monster grape vine. The stalk was as big as my wrist it went over to the neighbors and grew so I didn't notice it until I found the stalk in the middle of the hedge. It filled up three yard bags and my arm muscles still hurt.

I planted some glads late in the season and didn't really expect anything but they are starting to bloom now. Which is nice because the only thing I have left to bloom is my mum's and it looks like the Hibiscus is going to give me another round of blooms soon. I just planted a Lysimachia ciliata (Firecracker Loostrife) it looks happy for now we shall see next year.

I haven't really been busy outside because I've been busy inside. JR and family have been moved into grandma's room minus most of the dolls. I left the special dolls in there along with some other girly things it's good for him to get in touch with his inner woman. Plus it's fun to hear his friends laughing when they come visit. He just got a job yesterday that doesn't interfere with his school. And JM will start working again in October so they should be doing pretty good by spring.

Right now I'm getting ready for the family reunion/Iowa&Iowa State game. GO HAWKS! All I have to do is wait for this last picture to download. I wonder how much I can write in the time it takes for that picture to load? Probably a lot. Average time is 5 minutes but sometimes it takes longer.

Since I have a cold I'm just taking watermelon, sliced tomatoes and green bean casserole. They wanted beef and noodles and I usually make a pie but I'm too tired. Well I have run out of things to write and the picture is still loading. Maybe it will be done when I get back:)TTFN...


OldRoses said...

I still have marigolds, zinnias and cosmos blooming along with the asters, but everything else is dead or dying. I can't keep up with the clean up. I love the cooler weather, though. Congrats on the watermelon. I've never been able to get one to fruit.

Astrid said...

I always wonder does a watermelon need a lot of water in order to grow?

Beverly said...

Astrid; I don't know I hope not because it's too far from the hose. This is my first watermelon.