Saturday, October 08, 2005


We've been rearranging flowers this week. Dug up almost all the flowers in one bed. Some of them were in the way and some of them needed to be moved so they could grow better.

I put a path in the bed that wraps around the mystery tree and eventually will go up some steps along the fence line. I bought 3 variegated hosta's to put in the shadiest part. Added a cream colored mum and some white daffodils. I'm turning it into a moon garden. So far the only other color in there is yellow so maybe it will be a sun and moon garden.

I have a cute little trellis that has a moon on it. A moonflower would look perfect growing on it. There is white liatris, daisies, queens anne lace and a couple of white iris. So I have a pretty good start. I went to move some lavender plants but they had mold on the roots so I tossed them. That's probably one of the reasons they were not growing well. I'm about halfway done so it should be finished this weekend as long as the weather stays nice.

Took the awning off of the gazebo and doused myself with mold spores. Here's hoping the antihistamines work. Note to self; have someone who is not allergic to mold take down awning next year:)Well I'm finishing this post as the sun is rising so I better get to work. TTFN...

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OldRoses said...

Sounds great! I can't wait to see the pictures next year when it blooms.