Tuesday, November 15, 2005

First Snow

It started snowing an hour ago and things are already turning white. I think this is one of the nicest first snows I've seen. It started out a little slushy but now it's nice big white flakes. I better go buy some food for the birds.

I finally found the receipt for my camera. I've been looking through all kinds of papers and other receipts for a couple of days now. Finally there was nowhere else to look except the file cabinet. DUH! For some odd reason I put it where it belongs. Go figure.

As soon as Austin wakes up I'm going to take it in and get it fixed. Yeah! Then I'll take some pictures of the snow, and Austie playing in the snow. And some pictures for JL's grandparents calendar. I also need to take some graduation pictures of JR. He keeps saying no; but in the end they always do what I want just to get me to shut up.

Well I better go find some warm clothes and dig out my winter coat and gloves. Hope I don't need a scraper. TTFN.


Lynne said...

I couldn't imagine being without my camera. I hope it doesn't take long to get your fixed. I would love to see some snowy photos. Here in Indiana we get cold, but the last few years the snow amounts have been very disapointing. I think it's going to be a long winter.

OldRoses said...

How beautiful! Normally it doesn't snow here in NJ until January but we had a dusting on Thanksgiving morning that disappeared as soon as the sun came out.