Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Fixed My Blog :)

Well I fixed it but I had to delete the post that broke it so now I have to do it all over again. I did copy it to Microsoft Word first, so all I really have to do is fix the picture and hopefully the comments can be saved.

I'm watching Michael this morning and he has a little cold. Right now he's sleeping in his swing. He will be 3 months old next week. And he's just a cute round little red headed angel baby.

Austin's grandma came and took him to get an x-ray. He fell down the stairs the other day and the Doctor wants to make sure he's not cracked or bent anywhere. Good thing it wasn't a serious fall since I'm not able to take him to the hospital because I'm not his mother. I can't even take him to get a flu shot without a signed paper from his mother. Since I only see her once or twice a month that's kind of inconvenient. Things are going to have to change soon. I want what's best for Austin and right now his mother isn't what's best for him.

It looks like Fall in the backyard and yesterday it started getting chilly. I even had to wear a jacket. The Moon garden is planted and waiting for spring. I had some extra bulbs and Iris so I'm redoing a bed in the front. I went to Home Depot and got more dirt and it was on sale:) Next year I'm thinking of starting a compost bin so I can make my own dirt. The only things blooming in the yard right now is some mums, one little white rose, and a few petunias that must not know summer is over.

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Kasmira said...

I'll have to check our HD to see if dirt is also on sale. I use quite a bit in the winter for cat grass, forcing bulbs, and winter sowing. Thanks for the tip!