Monday, November 14, 2005

Missing Dustin

Cloudy and cold outside. The forecast calls for snow later tonight.

Finished the front flower bed yesterday. Going to go out and plant the last of the Iris. I lost a few things this year, the Bee Balm is gone and some lavender but they have been scraggly for a long time. The books said Bee Balm was invasive but mine never went anywhere. I lost a lot of Iris this year, but I have so many it won't make a noticeable difference.

The Christmas Cactus that I got from my nephew's funeral is blooming. Just in time for his birthday. He would have been 19 this week. I sure do miss his smile. I really should start taking my anti-depressants soon or I'm going to be an emotional mess for the holidays.

My camera is still broke so I'll have to put pictures in later. I'm using the regular camera for now. Hopefully it will be fixed before Thanksgiving.

I haven't decide for sure where I'll visit Iowa this month but I'm thinking a day in Madison County might be nice. We shall see.

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