Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas In Derby, Iowa

We went to my dad's for Christmas this weekend. The trip down there was real nice. It was dark so we could see all the Christmas lights on the houses. There seem to be quite a few more houses than there used to be. All the way down you have to watch out for the deer and when you get into Lucas County you have to watch out for horse and buggies. There are a lot of Amish in that area.

When we got there the boys were already there and we had tacos and waited for my brother to show up. I found out he has started a blog of his own. I don't know the address yet, he wants to put more on it first. It's probably about Ren Faires and sword fighting and stuff;)

Saturday night we opened presents by the fireplace and ate lots of sweets and snacks. I cuddled up to a good book and had some quiet time. I also got to spend quality time with Michael. He is getting so big he weighs 18 pounds now. He's only got eight more to go to catch up with Austin. He is a very good natured baby.

The next morning I had to go to Chariton to get a disposable camera because I forgot both of mine at home. On the way back we stopped at Stephens Forest and drove around. The roads were solid ice so we had to turn around a couple of times so we wouldn't get stuck at the bottom of a steep hill. It was a very beautiful day.

When we got back I started taking pictures of the house. Every year my dad starts decorating his house around the end of October. He decorates every room in the house including the bathroom. Thats Santa taking a bubble bath at the back of the room on the radiator. He sings and makes splashing noises.

This year he decorated a room with my grandma's things. A tree with her ornaments some pillows on the bed, and her christmas dolls and angels.

In the southwest room is the tree that spins around it has lights on it that change colors. My cousin Amodeus was fascinated with it. He can't see very well so he would find a light and follow it around until we stopped him before he got stuck. He didn't try to take anything off he just wanted to follow the lights that change color.

One room in the house is completely emptied and thats where my dad builds his Christmas village. It has everything in it you name it and it's probably there.

We don't even buy him stuff for his village anymore. We just give him gift cards to Hobby Lobby now so he can get what he needs. He waits till after christmas when they go on sale.

He won't stop until after his open house the 7th of January. Everyones invited so if your around Derby Ia that day stop on in:) It's the last house after you go through town you can't miss it. Folks around town call it The Derby Mansion. We think that's funny so we tease him about it. TTFN and Merry Christmas.


anywherebutTX said...

What a beautiful home!

OldRoses said...

I love the house, inside and out! I'm so glad to know that I am not the only one who decorates the bathroom too! Have a great holiday.

crazygramma said...

What a wonderful house I want to make a trip to Derby just to see it. I wonder how far it it is from where I live.
Don't you just love decorating the bathroom? I even put lights on my canopy bed this year but forgot to take a picture.