Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Is Over My Caboose Is Getting Fat....

Well our Christmas is over for another year. Pretty soon I'll be undecorating. I didn't get my outside lights up this year. Next year I'm doing it in November before Thanksgiving no matter what HB says.

Today was real nice all my boys were here early. Austin was a little sick but he perked up enough to open presents. We had French toast and sausages for breakfast. Poor JR had to go to 2 more places today so he couldn't stay very long. JAC and Hollie became engaged on Christmas Eve. It looks like I'll finally be getting some daughters. Maybe a granddaughter or two will come later:)

We had 2 big dinners yesterday so we just had soup and sandwiches today. My brother, Julie, my nephews and their girlfriends all came over and it was the first time we had a Christmas where all the boys had girls and were grown up and driving and having kids and getting married. Wow! I'm in for a whole new ride:)

I planted some Narcissus bulbs a couple of weeks ago. The instructions said they would bloom in about 6 weeks. I guess I got a Christmas surprise:)


OldRoses said...

Those don't look like amaryllis. They look like paperwhite narcissus to me. Either way, they are very pretty!

Beverly said...

You are right that's exactly what they are. I must have had a brain fart when I wrote that down. It takes so long to put the pictures in I just want to hit that publish button and get it done.