Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back to Derby

I woke up early this morning and watched the sun rise out my bedroom window. As I was taking the picture my neighbor came out and got into her car. She didn't look around or react at all when the flash went off. I wonder what she would have thought about seeing her neighbor hanging out a window above her in a nightgown at 7:00 AM?

We went to the Derby Open House with Brenda and Scout. She loves to push all the buttons and see what happens. The Amish ladies that help serve refreshments were wearing pretty bright green dresses. I took more pictures and ate a few goodies. Spent a little time chasing my step-sisters kids and kissing Michael. It took me a while to get the host and hostess together for a photo but I did it. After that we went home. The sunset was beautiful, full of pinks and oranges with dark blue and gray clouds. It was a very nice day:)


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I work nights so I see dawn all the time. Sometimes it's so pretty I have brought my camera to the office to take pictures.