Thursday, January 05, 2006

Birds & Butterflies

Today it is overcast again. Yesterday the sun peeped out for a few hours just to tease us I'm sure. I walked into my dining room this morning and saw a very large woodpecker at my feeder. I tried to sneak up on it but my mother scared it away. Sometimes she has that effect.

After it left the much smaller woodpecker came by. I've been trying to get his picture for a couple of weeks now. I waited for the bluejay to come closer but then Austin scared all the birds away. He thought they were very funny.

I've been spending the week taking care of sick babies. I think Michael might be getting some teeth soon. He slobbers so much we can't keep his shirts dry. I'm surprised his little hands and face aren't chapped.


Lynne said...

Love the violet photo! You sound like me when it came to the blurry photo of the hummingbird I was trying to get a snap of. Sitting motionless for 20 minutes isn't my idea of fun!!!
Happy New Year!

OldRoses said...

WOW! What kind of camera do you have that you can get such great bird pictures? That's a Downy Woodpecker, by the way. It's a male. They have the red band on their heads. The females don't. I also get Red Bellied Woodpeckers at my feeder. They are much larger and tan like a flicker but with red on their bellies.

Beverly said...

It's an Olympus Camedia 4.0 mega-pixel. The bird feeder is about 6 feet from our dining room window. I sit inside where it's warm. I get as close to the window as I can, turn off the flash, zoom in and wait. I think if I was outside it would be a lot clearer but my wait would definetly be longer.