Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

HB and I usually stay home on New Years Eve and watch children and movies. But this year we went to our friends house for the evening. It was a lot of fun but I was ready to come home as soon after mid-night as possible.

Michael stayed the night with us so his mommy and daddy could celebrate. My mom watched him the three hours we were gone and I guess he screamed his head off the whole time. Sorry mom. He was sleeping real good when we got home. We would have taken him with us but he didn't feel very well.

He slept all night till 5:30 then he sat in the dark for a while smiling and talking to me:) He is asleep now but I know if I go back to sleep he will wake up so I'll just wait till he goes home.

I was checking out some blogs and I kept seeing some nice quilts. I don't make quilts yet. But my mother does and her mother did too, so I'm sure I will someday. One of the neatest quilts I've seen is my step-mothers. It's lavender and white and has embroidered on it each state with the state flower.

I have a quilt that my grandmother Helen started and my mother finished. My mom also made a quilt for each of the boys and my brother. I have pictures of them but I have to get them scanned. And since my computer doesn't want to talk to my printer who knows how long that will be.

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