Monday, January 30, 2006

January In Iowa?

This weather is crazy. HB loves it because he works outside. I like snow and ice and some cold every once in a while. It should be happening soon I hope. I don't want my flowers to get confused and freeze in March or April. It's been over a month of nice balmy weather here in cloudy Iowa:)

I look outside and know that all this (perfect to clean your yard) weather is going to be gone this spring and it will be a wet, soggy, mess. And it will probably be cold. I don't even think it's cold enough now to prune anything. I have a few daffodils popping up but they do it every year and they always turn out fine.

I have a lot of house plants. I had a lot more before HB went to Iraq. I lost 35 houseplants that year. I've given some away to make room and I had to kill my Ficus Tree this past fall. I have a couple more infestations that the Ficus spread around that I have to deal with. One is my Angel Wing Begonia that I've had for 9 years. It came from a piece that fell off my grandmothers plant when we moved. It was only 3 inches tall then.

I used to have 12 different African Violets, but the glass shelves they were on collapsed during a party. It scared the partylite lady half to death. It made a big mess and only 4 survived. Maybe when things settle down a bit I'll replace some of them. African Violets do not like to be ignored.

My Aloe Vera and Christmas Cactus are my favorites. The Aloe because it's my most useful plant. If I put it on a burn soon enough I don't even get a blister. Just don't give it too much water and your fine. And the Christmas Cactus because it is so pretty and easy to take care of.

HB is going to 1st Sargent School for a couple of weeks. I've been spoiling him with yummy food and he hopes he makes his weight requirement. I told him if he goes over he will have a perfect excuse not to eat the Army food while he is there. Army food seems to raise his cholesterol levels. I think they must cook with a lot of lard.

JL got his braces off this week and now has a retainer for 2 years:) JR and JM will be graduating this spring together:) We will be getting some great pictures of them and Michael soon. JD is working a lot of hours and he finally has a car that works:) JAC is still living in Ames with Hollie they come and visit us on the weekends:) I'm doing Yoga at the gym twice a week:) Austin is ready for a potty chair:) We might have found my mother a furnace at a reasonable price:)

Looks like it's going to be a good year. Knock on wood.

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OldRoses said...

Lucky you! I'm an expert at killing houseplants. In my own defense, I should say that I kill them with kindness usually by overwatering them.