Sunday, February 26, 2006

I Love Dirt

I finally got some seed starting materials and I'll be getting some more this morning. This is exciting for me because HB hates to buy dirt. Yesterday Jodi gave me a bag of garden soil she didn't need and HB was thinking we wouldn't need to go buy dirt now. I had to explain once again garden soil is different than potting soil. He thinks dirt is dirt.

I'm planning on using theJiffy Greenhouse 72 this spring. I have better luck starting seed with the peat pellets. I'm thinking of doing it in the basement where there is more room and no babies. The first flat I'm starting is herbs. It's still a little early, our last frost date is mid May. I've been following the directions for years and my luck is about 50/50. I think I'll just do it my way and see what happens;)

So far I have lemon basil, chamomile, calendula, parsley, chives,lavender,and thyme. My little lavender plant bit the dust last month. It didn't get very big so I brought it in for the winter. It did fine till I put that narcissus in there with it. I think the roots took over. My rosemary died this week. I never can keep them alive for more than 2 years. Oh well! If at first you don't succeed...

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