Friday, February 10, 2006

Killing Bugs

It's a beautiful sunny day outside. Just a little cold and windy, but not cold enough to keep the little bit of snow we got this week from melting. The birds are outside fighting over their lunch. And we are inside keeping warm. I finally saw not just one, but two squirrels in the yard. I was beginning to think they were gone.

I've been taking care of my houseplants this week. I really hate using chemicals on my plants, but I have to get rid of this scale once and for all. I put them in the tub and spray them down with insecticide. This time I'm using Houseplant& Garden insect spray by SCHULTZ. About an hour later I give them a nice shower, wait till the leaves are dry, and spray them again. I also trim off all the dead stuff. Then I put them on the counter away from the untreated plants. They always look so happy when I get done:)

I'm going to treat all my plants except the African Violets. They don't seem to be affected and they really don't like to get their leaves wet. So they don't get showers. My other plants all get showers once or twice a year. Sometimes more if they are outside or looking like they need it.

The only other care they really get are watering, (whenever I stick my finger in the pot and the dirt is dry up to my first knuckle) trimming off the dead stuff, and occasionally I remember to give them some SCHULTZ liquid plant food.

While I sat here the weather changed. Now it's snowing, The weird kind that looks like Styrofoam balls. The sun didn't even stay out long enough for me to take a picture. Well back to the houseplants. TTFN...


OldRoses said...

It's been so warm here in NJ that the squirrels never went into hibernation. They are out every day chasing each other around just like it is summer.

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