Thursday, March 30, 2006

And So It Begins

We are having some rough weather today. High winds, heavy rain, hail, and tornadoes. Watch out Don it looks like it might be coming your way.

For some reason tornadoes don't really care for Des Moines. They kind of hop over us and demolish our suburbs. When my kids were babies one hit West Des Moines and then went to the outer east side and caused some damage before heading to Ankeny to crush a few new homes. We got a lot of wind damage to our trees but that was it.

This time the hail was the biggest I've ever seen. We will have to check our new roof for damage this weekend. When the hail stopped bombarding us I ran outside and took a picture of this rotating cloud and checked for plant damage.

Just as I snapped the picture the tornado sirens started screeching and all the neighbors came out to see what was going on. Why? Because that's what we do here in Iowa. We send the kids to the basement and go outside and watch for tornadoes. I've seen videos of tornadoes taking out houses no more than a block away from the guys filming. I'm not that extreme if I see flying debris I'm outta there.

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