Saturday, March 04, 2006

I See Sprouts

I was told that it is hard to grow parsley from seed. A year ago I would have said ok and bought some plants instead. But a year ago I didn't know that it was almost impossible to grow lavender from seed and I did it. So this year I'm trying again with the lavender and I'm attempting to grow some parsley.

So far it looks good. Last weekend I sowed six pellets with parsley seed that I froze in the freezer for a week. I already have one sprouting. This weekend I'm doing six more with the same seed only I soaked them in water over night. I'll plant one more row with seed that hasn't been frozen or soaked in water. And then see what happens. And the rest of the seed I'll sow outside.

I scattered lavender seed over six more pellets. And will do another six with a different kind. I would like to try munstead if I can find it. I just might have to do 2 flats of herbs. I'm already running out of room in the first one.


jf said...

Since you raised the topic of parsley you might be interested in an experience I wrote about in my blog To pee or not to pee

Kasmira said...

I didn't know that lavender was difficult to grow from seed, but I planted some this winter. I suppose I'll comfort myself with that fact if it doesn't germinate!