Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's spring break and all the children are with their mothers:) I have a whole week to get things done inside and out. The first thing I'm going to do is scrub the floor. It will be nice to have a clean floor with no sticky spots for more than a minute.

I can't do much in the yard other than clean up the dead stuff but I have been buying things to plant. I just can't help myself. I'm going to try to grow Dahlias this year. I've never bothered before because you have to dig them up each Fall. I bought three Minnesota dahlias. They are white with pink edges. If these grow well and I remember to dig them up I'll try more next year.

I also started some seeds for the Moon Garden. And I have 24 Convallaria (Lily Of The Valley) just waiting to be planted under the Tree-bush. I'm going to have to discover it's identity soon. I can't just keep calling it a Tree-bush. I'll take a picture of it in a couple of months when it flowers and maybe someone will know.

Last but certainly not least. For Instant Flower Gratification I saved this beautiful cactus from overwatering at the store. I thought it was a Christmas Cactus but they call it a Sunrise Cactus. The flowers close in the evening and open back up in the morning. It had a plant stake in it that said Hatiora Hybrid 'Rio'


kerry said...

Beautiful. I tried in vain all winter to get a Christmas cactus. (never heard of a sunrise cactus). I always managed to get to the store the day after they sold the last one. I think they are so pretty.

snappy said...

Beautiful plant.It looks like an easter cactus which strangely are desert succulent plants.I have one with one juicy flower bud and more growing.Never heard of sunrise cactus