Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Earthday

Today is Earthday so I'm going to be spending the day planting and cleaning and I'm going to start my compost bin. I'll also be planting my replacement Endless Summer Hydrangea in the front yard.

I've been thinking of the 3 R's quite a bit lately. We recycle most of our cans bottles and boxes. We buy used stuff but I'm sure we could do better. Right now we have to decide whether to buy a new more energy efficient dryer or fix the old one or buy a used one. If we fix the used one it won't have to go to a landfill. But I don't know if it can be fixed this time. A more energy efficient dryer might be better in the long run. In the meantime we will just keep going to the laundromat.

I found a few websites to go to. Check out and find out about the Climate Change Solutions Campaign. Kids, teachers and parents can go to The Wilderness Society and find some fun things. To learn about the history of Earthday and find out if your community is planning anything go to Envirolink.

Even the Army has Plans for Earthday. So get out from in front of your computer and go outside and enjoy this great big beautiful day. Plant a tree, pick up litter at your favorite park, or just go take a walk and smell some flowers. Have a nice Earthday. I know I will:)

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