Friday, April 21, 2006

It was a beautiful day today. I finally got to spend a little time just enjoying the outdoors. Grandma's Crabapple tree is blooming. It smells so sweet I just like to sit underneath it and breathe while tiny flower petals rain down on me. I'm going to Waterworks Park this weekend to see the Crabapple trees. It's something my grandma did every year. Someday I would like to donate a Crabapple tree in her name there.

It seems that everything is blooming at once. My camera can hardly keep up. The Flowering Almond is looking real pretty right now. And the top buds on the lilac bushes are opening. The tulips are looking real nice this week too. The Pella Tulip Festival should be just around the corner.

Yesterday Austin and I went to the Fort Des Moines Park. We saw some geese and some ducks. Lots of flowering trees and something a bit strange to me. Is it common to have a chair in the pond or are we just unique here?

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