Saturday, April 15, 2006

So Much To Blog So Little Time...

Spring is my favorite time of year to garden. It's when I get the most done and the yard looks it's prettiest. My mystery tree-bush is blooming right now. It has pretty white flowers and it smells good. If only I knew what it's name was.

Last Fall I planted some white daffodils (Mount Hood) in the Moon Garden. The problem is they came up and they are yellow. Thanks Home Depot I really appreciate it. So now I'll mark where they are and move them in the Fall. I'm going to buy my next batch of Mount Hoods from a Brecks magazine I just received today. They have other daffodils with white in them too. So I guess I'm already planning for next Spring;)

We have two tulips growing in the middle of our front yard. They moved there when the sewer line collapsed many years ago. This is the first time they have bloomed in about 7 years. JD used to mow the lawn and he would always mow them down. But last year I told JL if he mowed around them until the leaves were dead they might bloom this year. Sometimes I think about moving them but I like it when things pop up in strange places so I think I'll leave them there for now.

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