Thursday, May 11, 2006

Arie Den Boer Arboretum

I went to see the Crabapple trees blooming at Waterworks Park. Walking along the paths between the trees and breathing deeply was so refreshing. It was very peaceful, even though I was right in the middle of the city. The birds seem to be singing more this year. Or I'm just hearing them more. Either way I enjoy the birdsongs.

I was surrounded by hundreds of different crabapple trees and the perfume in the air was heavenly. Standing there amongst the branches smelling individual flowers made me remember all the times my grandma brought me here when I was little. I'm missing her a lot this Spring. :(

A lot of trees were lost during the "Flood of 93" but the strong ones survived. The big white one in the background of the first picture was planted in 1943. I found another one that didn't have a year on it, but it was pretty big too.

These two trees looked like they were sisters dancing in the wind and reaching for the sun.

I really like the weeping trees. There weren't very many of them. I wonder if they are harder to grow.

I'll have to go back and find out how old this one is. I think it wins the prize for biggest trunk.

I wrote the names of most of these trees down on a piece of paper. Of course I can't find it now but I'm sure it will turn up when I no longer need it.

As I was walking along I would look at the tags to see what kind they were. When I looked at four different trees and they were the same I figured this must be the kind I like best.

Each tree has a tag with the name of the tree and the date it was planted. On the other side is who it is donated for and the names of the donors.

It had such perfect little flowers on it. I think my dad's next present will be a Brandywine Crabapple tree. SHHH! Don't tell him it will be our little secret;)


snappy said...

Beautiful tree's and pretty little pink flowers.I think the USA seems to have the maddest tree's compared to England.I have a white birch tree and a two trunked fir tree to look at all year round..

Sigrun said...

Hi, wunderful photos! I like your dancing sisters!