Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy May Day ( Beltane)

Can't let the day go by without giving you some flowers to look at. Not very many new things blooming yet. The insects are crawling all over the peonies doing whatever it is that insects do.

The petals are falling from Grandma's Crabapple tree.

My pink Azalea is blooming.

I think they have the prettiest flowers I've ever seen on a tree. Here's a close up shot.

And here is a picture of the moon garden (and Bella). It needs a little cleaning up. But for it's first Spring I think it's looking good.

Well I've got to go deliver my May Baskets before exercise so have a good one;)

1 comment:

snappy said...

Love Bella, she looks like she is enjoying the moon garden.I planned one of them before but never got around to it.Whats planted in yours?
Who is the cheeky man under the Azalea?It looks like some of my garden gnomes