Saturday, May 06, 2006

What's Growing in the Moon Garden.

Snappy asked a question on my last post that I thought I should answer. What kind of plants are planted in your Moon Garden? The area has everything from full sun to full shade. And I'm not too sure about the drainage. Weeds seem to grow real well;)

This is of a flower I found last week. It didn't have a tag and all I could get out of the cashier was it must come from the Black Eyed Susan family. All I know is that it was under the canopy with all the shade loving plants and it is perfect for the garden.

I have 2 variegated Hostas and 3 different kinds of Daisies. The English Daisies are blooming right now. The Shasta Daisies are getting buds so they will be blooming soon. The Alaska Shasta Daisy is just sitting there getting used to it's spot. It doesn't have any flowers yet.

My Sandwort has been in this spot for a couple of years. In the upper right corner is a Queens Anne Lace. They grow everywhere. I just pull them out if they are in a bad spot. I also planted a white dwarf Campanula and some Carnations that are supposed to be white.

Right now there are quite a few annuals to fill in the empty spaces. There are Rose Moss, Petunias, Pansies, Geraniums, Verbena, Nicotiana, and Snapdragons.

I've also added some sea shells we found in Florida.

And some rocks.

Not many bulbs yet just some hyacinth,Narcissus,and green and white Tulips. And of course the yellow Daffodils.

There are a couple of white pots in a shady corner. I'm looking for a way to hang them on the fence, because they can't stay where they are to much longer.

I do need to work on getting more silvery foliage. So far I have a Silver Spike that survived the winter. And some Dusty Miller scattered here and there.

That's about it for now, but I'm sure to be adding more as time goes by. TTFN...


snappy said...

Love the moon garden plants.Esp the white flowers on the geranium, and white snapdragon.I have dusty miller and i considered that for a moon garden.I will have to find an area and plant.I have white trailing petunias in my solitary hanging basket.
Beautiful photos and garden.Keep on growing!

The Neurocentric said...

Off topic no doubt, but can you identify these plants? The first two photos on my own weblog: