Thursday, June 15, 2006

Before I Go

This is what the yard looked like this week. Tomorrow we are heading for Jackson County, Iowa, to visit Maquoketa caves and Belleview State Park. Everyone is going except JD, they won't give him any time off work:(

My other climbing rose is blooming now. It is a nice rose to have, I don't even have to water it. Just trim it a couple of times a year and it's happy.

The Clematis are blooming right now too. The only one that looks good is the Jackmanii. My Henri Clematis is not happy, 1/2 of it is dying. I don't know if it dislikes the catmint or just wants to move to another spot. I'll probably move it.


snappy said...

They look beautiful the climbing rose and the clematis.I want both for my garden when i have money!!

Naturegirl said...

I too have Jackmani and Henry! I cut Henry down to about 2 ft. in spring and
man is he performing this year! Oh and my climbers are white!Have a nice vacation!

Jenn said...

I have bought Henryi at least 4 times, killed it every time. I have a Niobe that is doing very well, and a Bluebird that I just transplanted that's a bit shocky yet.

But Henryi? I think that plant is a big prima dona. If the situation isn't just perfect... it curls up its toes and croaks.

Anonymous said...

My climatis is a Jackmani too (i think) and she is doing well this her first year!