Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Surprise Lilies are blooming:) Posted by Picasa

So are the Hibiscus. Posted by Picasa

I didn't want to waste all the dirt in the pot that held my poor dead Ficus tree. So I planted flowers around the stump. Posted by Picasa

The only thing I can get to grow in this bed so far is Sage, Thyme, Daylilies and weeds. This is one of next years projects.  Posted by Picasa

The Endless Summer Hydrangea is hanging in there. The creeping charlie loves all the water and plant food it gets. I hope it needs less attention after it gets established. Posted by Picasa

The Moonflower vine is starting to grow like crazy, but no flowers yet. Posted by Picasa

Looks like my first ripe tomato this year will be a German Johnson. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Plants

I went to the Farmers Market downtown. I bought some tomatoes that were supposed to be from Iowa, if they were picked in Iowa it was a few weeks ago when they were still green. They had no taste and no juice inside. I also got a strawberry rhubarb pie that turned out to be a blueberry rhubarb pie. That's ok though, because HB really likes blueberries. Those were the only things edible I bought, the rest were plants:) Not too many, I left most of my money locked up in the car. I knew there would be plants and that I would spend every penny in my pocket on them.

The first thing I found was a variegated cinnamon rose Scented Geranium/Pelargonium. It was 3 dollars cheaper than at the nursery so I snatched it right up.

Down the street a bit what did my wandering eyes find? A little miniature Iris called Bumble Bee Delight. I'm thinking of putting it in one of the beds in the front yard. Of course where there is one Iris there are usually more and I was hooked.

I couldn't resist the colors of this Honeyglazed Iris. I have tons of purple ones so I've been trying to add other colors this year.

Babbling Brook caught my eye because the petals look so delicate and wavy. The picture looks a little purple but it's really supposed to be light blue.

And Laced Cotton got picked because it's white and I like the ragged edges. They had healthy rhizomes and were 4 bucks each. I found cheaper Iris on e-bay last night but I need to stop for now. I already have over a hundred Iris to plant and replant this year.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

You Are a Blue Flower

A blue flower tends to represent peace, openness, and balance.
At times, you are very delicate like a cornflower.
And at other times, you are wise like an iris.
And more than you wish, you're a little cold, like a blue hydrangea.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'll put flowers in just about anything. Posted by Picasa

The Phlox are blooming now. When I first moved here I thought they were weeds and I pulled them out before they could flower. Now that I know better I find I have a lot of Phlox in the yard. Posted by Picasa

Portulaca Grandiflora- Rose Moss Posted by Picasa

Leucanthemum Superbum- Shasta Daisy Posted by Picasa

Platycodon Grandiflorus- Balloon Flower Posted by Picasa

Calendula-Pot Marigold Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Agastache Posted by Picasa

Thistle Flower I picked at the Lake. Posted by Picasa

Purple Coneflower and Fennel. Posted by Picasa

The newest member of our family. Welcome Natalee :) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Walk In The Moon Garden

The Moon Garden is really starting to shape up. I put black mulch down and it seems to make the whites even brighter.

The Rose Moss is finally growing, they must be slow starters. So far only one plant has croaked. It was a Jacobs Ladder and apparently it didn't like wet feet. I'll have to watch watering the perennials unless they are very dry.

The White Liatris is getting ready to bloom. They always seem to be a week or so behind the purple ones. I haven't decided if I like where it is planted, so it might get moved this Fall.

My newest plant is an Artemisia 'Silver Mound'('Nana'). I moved a daisy that was just too big for that spot. I was looking for Silver King but this one was 2.00 at the Farmers market so I got it instead.

The Lambs Ears seem to be enjoying their spot in the garden. This winter I will look for more plants that have silver foliage.

I've never grown Hosta before, but I'm thinking they might eventually outgrow this spot. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there;)

This variegated Sage fits right in. The tag said it was a tender perennial so I'll have to protect it this winter. Anyone have any ideas?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Great Weekend

  Posted by Picasa

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday weekend. Our weekend was beautiful here. The weather was perfect for being outside so I spent most of the weekend planting and transplanting and buying plants that were on sale.

I was looking for a hanging planter at wal-mart and they wanted $5.00 so I went on over to look for plants for a $1.00. I found 6 healthy big pink petunias for a dollar so I got them. On my way out I saw some hanging plants for $2.50 and I picked out this red white and blue one for the fourth. I just trimmed all the dead stuff off and watered it. In a few days it should be looking good.

The rest of our weekend was filled with cookouts, babies, birthday cakes and fireworks. Sunday was HB's birthday so we had a party. We grilled kabobs and played horseshoes in the backyard. It was a great time with our family and friends.

I have some Lemon Verbena on the deck and everyone was enjoying it's scent. This year I have Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena and Lemon Basil. Can you tell I like lemons:) I also have a Strawberry Scented Geranium and some Pineapple Sage. People spend some time smelling things when they come to visit me:)