Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Walk In The Moon Garden

The Moon Garden is really starting to shape up. I put black mulch down and it seems to make the whites even brighter.

The Rose Moss is finally growing, they must be slow starters. So far only one plant has croaked. It was a Jacobs Ladder and apparently it didn't like wet feet. I'll have to watch watering the perennials unless they are very dry.

The White Liatris is getting ready to bloom. They always seem to be a week or so behind the purple ones. I haven't decided if I like where it is planted, so it might get moved this Fall.

My newest plant is an Artemisia 'Silver Mound'('Nana'). I moved a daisy that was just too big for that spot. I was looking for Silver King but this one was 2.00 at the Farmers market so I got it instead.

The Lambs Ears seem to be enjoying their spot in the garden. This winter I will look for more plants that have silver foliage.

I've never grown Hosta before, but I'm thinking they might eventually outgrow this spot. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there;)

This variegated Sage fits right in. The tag said it was a tender perennial so I'll have to protect it this winter. Anyone have any ideas?


Sigrun said...

You have a wonderful place there!


OldRoses said...

Beverly, I use the leaves that fall in the autumn to protect my plants over the winter. I just rake them into the beds that need them. A cheap solution and cuts down on the amount of cleanup I have to do in the fall. Your moon garden is breathtaking! Keep those pictures coming!

JLB said...

What a fun garden! Enjoy tomorrow's full moon. :)

As for the sage, I think Old Roses makes the best suggestion. The earth is pretty good at preserving plants for the spring. However, if you really want to ensure its survival, I suppose you could just dig her up and bring her inside for the winter!

Jenn said...

That sage is good to zone six, with snow cover. If you don't have snow cover, or are colder, make a chicken wire cage a big bigger than you want the adult plant to be (so you don't have to make a new one each year) pin that to the ground around it, and fill with fallen leaves. Remove about the time the large daffs are blooming.

You can use this cage to protect new growth from bunnys, when it comes off the not-very-attractive to nibblers sage.

Karen said...

I love your moon garden. The black mulch seems to have done the job.

Do you have a non-blooming type of lamb's ears? I love the silver foliage, but mine get great big stalks with pink flowers. (You can cut off the stalks, but then the plant sort of thins out and never looks as good, I find.)

Beverly said...

Thanks for the input:) Oldroses- every year the leaves blow into my flower beds and I clean them out in the Spring. We never have to rake leaves:) I thought about one of those rose cones but I think Jenns' chicken wire cage might look more natural. Karen- I just planted the Lambs Ears about 6 weeks ago. They will probably bloom next year. jlb- I really like your trees. Sigrun- Thanks you have a pretty wonderful garden too.

Stuart said...

You may, or may not, have space for a helichrysum petiolatum. These are another grey foliage plant which bushes and looks great contrasted against some other dark plants.

I love the moon garden - it looks great.

California Gardener in Zone 23 said...

Beautiful garden. Reminds me of the white garden at Sissinghurst in England. Well done!

snappy said...

Your moon garden is exquisite.If i ever got around to planting one (as opposed to planning it in your head) it will use yours as a starting point.The black mulch is clever as it highlights the white.I like dusty miller, small juvenile plants have gorgeous grey foliage like they were dusted with icing sugar.I have white petunias, white flowered snapdragons, and the dusty miller.Keep posting pics!

Dianne said...

I always wanted a moon garden! Great idea about the black mulch. Don't forget the awesome moon flowers that you grow from seed. You just need some support for them. Your garden is shaping up nicely.

Anonymous said...

hi bev i seen your back yard looks great maybe i can see it in person soon keep up the good work see you soon from your friend lorrie from fort dodge jodis cousin by