Thursday, August 31, 2006

A double and a single on the same stem. Is that normal, or do I have a Walmart mutant on my hands? Posted by Picasa


Doug Green said...

The large double is the male (usually sterile) and the smaller single is the female flower.

If you want to produce a large double flower, nip off the smaller single as soon as it is produced. You'll get competition-sized blooms. The single is always produced behind the double and you'll see it there quite early in the development of the blossom.


Anonymous said...

It may not be a mutant but the colar is absolutely stunning.

Zoey said...

I didn't know that, Doug. Thank you.
I love that orange/yellow color whether double or single.

Beverly said...

Thanks Doug. I've never had a begonia like this before. This one has been ugly all summer long until these two flowers showed up. I'll try to keep it alive this winter and see what happens next year. I like the color too Zoey & anon kind of like a sunset.